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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-21

  • Null_Pointer netted 187 new global followers last night on Scribd. Lots of geeks finding the mystery intriguing. Wow, I'm flabbergasted! #
  • RT @guardiantech: Why free ebooks should be part of the plot for writers | Cory Doctorow – Works for me! #
  • A ping from client. #
  • A Ping from my client. #
  • Hello Twitter from my Ping Client. #
  • Greetings all my bases belonging to me! #
  • Scibd user bots have latched on to me and created a massive following. I now have a robot army. Fear me! #
  • In case you have no kids or are just a kid at heart. Here is a video of Gerties Birdseed diner. #
  • Want to be a Beta Reader for my current #wip, Tyrmia? DM me. Warning, it's a fugly first draft. #
  • Test post. #
  • RT JeremiahTolbert New blog post: Be a Positive Force in Fandom, Not an Asshole #
  • XKCD does it again. #
  • OMG! Jazz singer Patti Austen subscribes to me on Scribd! #
  • Steve Buchheit on carrying guns to political rallies. #
  • Eighty-six people have been to my Lulu page, nobody has bought the book yet. Meanwhile, it has 7762 views, 663 downloads on Scribd. #
  • RT @RDBooks TODAY: On the Edge Book Group @ 4pm AND Speculative Fiction Writers @ 6:30pm <– I'll be be there! #
  • I wrote something like 1200 words on Chapter 51 of Tyrmia this morning. #wip #
  • Reading Green, by Jay Lake. Almost finished, don't want it to end. Good stuff! #
  • Seth Shostak now on Dr. Kiki's Science Hour on Twit TV. #

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