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Blogger Contest, Win a FREE Book!

I have a new novel coming out next month in paperback.  You can go read it right now for free on Scribd.  It’s called Null_Pointer and it’s a mystery about a programmer who must figure out how someone is killing his fellow programmers with code.

In order to get people to read the book and start talking about it I’m offering a contest of sorts to bloggers.  If you have blog about books, preferably mystery books, or about technology, preferably about programming, you qualify to enter the contest.

You must first read the PDF of Null_Pointer and post a review of it on your blog.  If you can prove, via a link in the comments to this post, that ten (10) people have left comments on your post about the book, I will send you (the blogger) a free autographed paperback version of the novel for your troubles.  Everyone has at least ten friends who can post a comment to their blog, so no excuses.  Also, in case you didn’t realize it, this kinda helps out your blog too.  Cool that.

I have five (5) books available to send out.  So the first five bloggers that meet the criteria, get the books.  When they are gone, the contest is over.  There is no deadline to complete the requirements.  But in order to get the word out at the time of the book’s release, act soon.  Null_Pointer is a quick read, only just over 200 pages long, so there is no excuse not to read it sooner than later.  You can download the book at the link to Scribd above.

Here is a little glimpse of what you are getting.  The books are quite beautiful and sell for $12.96. (Click to enlarge)  ( This contest is only good for those who live in the continental United States.  I can’t go broke on postage, that would be uncool.)


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