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Reader Challenge

If you have read my novel Null_Pointer, be it an early draft, or the released version on Scribd, I challenge you to write a quick review for your blog, or to mention it on Twitter. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just say you read it and you liked it or hated it, I don’t care which. The idea is to get the word out. If you are on a mailing list mention it to the list, no matter the topic. If you post to forums please mention the book there.

The best way to generate interest is to get people talking and there are plenty of people talking on the internet. If you do make a post and can send me the link, please do in the comments to this post.

The second part of the challenge is to get someone you know to post about the book. The person with the longest, verifiable chain of people with links talking about the book, gets a free, autographed copy of the book. So if your friends mention the book, get the link and make a chain. Longest chain of mentions wins! One person posting to more than one media will not work. It can be different online media, like Facebook or Twitter, but each link in the chain, must be a different person.

If anything, we might get an interesting circle of people who have at least heard of the book. First one to get Kevin Bacon to mention the book, via their chain of recommendations, gets a free copy of every book I publish, for the rest of my life. :) Something tells me that will never happen, but wouldn’t it be fun!

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