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Null_Pointer Final Proof Ordered

For those of you curious about such things, the Null_Pointer Trade Paperback is now entering the final stages of going live.  The last proof copy will hit my door next week.  Of course I won’t be here to see it, so there will be a few day’s delay.  With some luck, I might get it Monday, before I leave.

Anyway, pending approval of that, I tell LuLu to “Engage!”, and within a few days or perhaps weeks the book will be available for purchase from any bookstore, online or brick and mortar.  It’s been a long and winding road to publication for this little book.  I wish it well.  Hopefully, I can line up some signings in Idaho and maybe Oregon.

In other NP related news, I’m in the process of making an audio book version.  Don’t hold your breath.  I know NOTHING about pod casting and I’m not looking forward to bumbling my way through recording my own novel.  But nobody of with any more talent has stepped up to do it, so the burden falls on my broad shoulders.  Just another part of this wonderful Web 2.0 world we live in.  The best way for an author to get a big audience is to make an audio book and give it away.

The only other NP related release in the pipelines, is the Writer’s Edition that will be out some time late summer.  I’m actually building my own ebook for that and it will be chocked full of goodness.  Oh, and that will be free too.  You’re welcome.  Related:  the free Third Draft of NP on Scribd will crest at 4000 views this week and has reached 400 downloads.

Unfortunately, all this other stuff is keeping me from writing my WIP – Tyrmia.  I must adjust, because I have a deadline of one book per year to maintain.  You know, in case anyone actually reads my stuff and wants more.  It’s been really hard keeping my head in the Tyrmia universe, when so many ideas for the sequel to NP are dancing around for my attentions.

One last writerly tidbit for today.  I submitted “Tin Star” to the next Hadley Rille SF anthology yesterday.  Let you know when that rejection comes in, possibly next week.  UPDATE:  Tin Star was rejected on Friday.  My android space westerns are just not appreciated by anyone.  Fear not, as I complete enough of them for a anthology, I will put one out.  At least that way they will all be together and easily read.

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