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Firefox Callsign Lookup Search Engine

If you drop by my web site, and click on the Amateur Radio page, you will find an option to install a Search plugin into your Firefox browser Search Engine box.  The handy little plugin lets you search the QRZ database for who owns an Amateur Radio callsign.  If you are a Ham, this is terribly useful in the your Radio shack.  If you are not a Ham, please disregard.

I also have a Mac Widget that does the same thing.  Sometime soon I will make that available to users of Mac OS X.  I may some day even make a Vista (what do they call Widgets again?) widget.  But since I would not touch Vista with a  ten foot pole, maybe not for a long time.  Feel free to take the Widget code and make it work on Vista. Here’s the code, any HTML dweeb can do it.

Something I may actually do is make a Linux version for use with gDesklets.

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  1. I have the QRZ icon now working when you add the Callsign Lookup search engine. I also put some screen shots on the page to show how to add the search engine to Firefox. If you find this app useful please let other Hams know about it.

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