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Null_Pointer Coming Alive Again

I’ve started working on NP again. You’re welcome! I have five pages written on chapter 13. It took me a while to reread all the previous chapters and review my notes, but my head is back in the game and I’m ready to finish the second half of the first draft. If you are looking for the previous chapters, I’m working on getting them online at soon. (They are up now) I have to go through and convert them to HTML again and clean them up a bit. No trivial task.

I just purchased a new word processor for my MacBook, called Mariner Write. As soon as I get it installed I will begin converting the chapters to HTML and putting them online. If you have not looked at the Author pages on the main site, please check it out. It has a clean new interface and I hope you can find your way around easier now. So stay tuned for a new chapter on Null_Pointer probably late next week.  UPDATE: Mariner Write can’t convert documents to HTML.  Seems like kind of a necessity these days.  Glad I have NeoOffice.

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