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Death of America, Captain

When I was into reading comics as a younger man, Captain America was one of my favorites. It seemed to me that he was the personification of what it meant to be an American. He always did the right thing, never killed unless he was forced too. He upheld good old fashioned American values that others often thought were naive or not in keeping with the majority opinion about how a good citizen of the planet acts. In many respects he was a product of the WWII generation. The patriotism and the honest hero fighting the good fight against the evil of the world.

Times have changed. The country is being reshaped into the first empire of the new century and the old time values of long ago are now only lip speak for a wayward administration bent on taking away basic civil rights, denying basic scientific evidence and turning the world against what it means to be American.

Perhaps now is a good time to say goodbye to the old fashioned Captain America. Cap, you fought the good fight for sixty years, but today, you are simply out of step with reality. If I were writing that comic, you would be reborn of modern science and become an anti-hero. Fighting for the same traditional values against the policies of your own government. But I don’t write political stuff. So long old friend, you will be missed.

Captain America

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