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Moving to Linux by IBM

This article from Big Blue is a nice easy transition for users coming from the Windows world. Judging from the lackluster sales of Vista, and Ballmer’s rants about Linux violating some mythical Microsoft patents, I’d say the time is ripe to get off the band wagon and come over to the free side. Welcome new Linux users, it’s good to have you along for the ride!

In other news about people switching sides, Eric Raymond has finally ditched Fedora and moved to Ubuntu. Welcome Eric I hope we can count on your help in making Ubuntu the best that it can be.

1 thought on “Moving to Linux by IBM”

  1. Fair point about the games Nathan. Have you tried ? It’s a shame there isn’t a greater seiotclen of games available for *nix platforms and perhaps penguinistas ought to be lobbying games developers for more variety and porting their stuff. I cannot comment on your development activities, but as regards office suites, their primary role is to let one do one’ work with a minimum of interference; I’ve been using Office since Windows for Playgroups 3.11 days (and word processors in particular since before the widespread adoption of GUIs) and it’s got more of a nuisance and bloated over time. Open Office and KOffice also use open file formats, not the closed proprietary formats into which so much of industry, government and others have been locked into.

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