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Chapter 12 Musings

Well, it started as a filler for getting the story on to the next day. Then the idea came to me to make a chapter that was nothing but IRC chat. Then, as I wrote it, I started exploring Dancia’s character again, adding pieces to her puzzle. But as it stands now – 6 pages into it, I’m not entirely sure what the point of the chapter is. Sometimes you have to go on these writing walkabouts when you are writing a book. You wonder down a path not taken and see where it brings you. Sometimes, you wind up throwing it out and using the ideas elsewhere in the novel. Other times, you just circular file it and move on.

For now, I will just leave it and when I do the second draft, make the decision to edit it or give it the axe. I’ve got the two main characters alone again at Joshua’s place. The entire chapter so far has been from Dancia’s point of view. Now, in mid stream, I’m switching to Joshua’s point of view for the last scene. Not sure that’s legal, but I don’t think it will confuse anyone, as we are in a different scene and location now.

I want to wrap this mess up and move on to chapter 13, as that is where more important things happen and the plot starts moving again. Maybe Chapter 12 will be a needed rest before the main story kicks into overdrive for the run to the ending.

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  1. I forgot that I was going to have Joshua call Steve and try to locate the signal on the radio to see where Muse was transmitting from. It winds up being a dead end, but it was important to the story. I will get to work on that soon. I hope to have Chapter 12 out on New Year’s Day.

    Thanks to Google Notebook for letting me remember my notes on NP.

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