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The Current Lineup

I’ve had some time to attend my PC’s at home this weekend.  Here is the current lineup:

MacBook still the #1 computer used in the house. Can’t say enough good things about this lappy.  I need to save up and get two gigs for it and a Windows Vista license, then I can get rid of several remaining Windows boxes that hang around like bad colds.  It has a VGA out cable and a  Mighty Mouse wireless.

The Bedroom – a Windows 2000 PC that used to belong to my wife’s office.  It now lets me remote into the work PC.  Aside from that, we use it sparingly.  I think it’s a 400Mhz MPC machine with 128 MB RAM.  It has a 15 inch flat panel and a MS comfort keyboard with a nice, MS wireless mouse.

Garage – A Windows XP Pro machine that I do any work related .Net programming on.  It’s a 233Mhz machine with 256 MB RAM.  Not going to last much longer.  This will be the first machine to die when the MacBook gets Vista.

Garage – Ubuntu 6.10 workstation.  Recently reformat-ed and rebuilt from my old server.  This machine is 800Mhz with 512 MB RAM.  This is my primary workstation and where I would prefer to do most of my programming on.  I have yet to get all the development tools installed.  It needs a new graphics card so I can run compiz.  Aside from that it’s plenty of PC for Linux.  It shares a 19 inch Samsung monitor with the XP Box.  The monitor is dying a slow death and will be replaced by a wide screen flat panel sometime mid next year.

My current future plans include maxing out the RAM for the MacBook and getting a Vista license for it.  That way I can do all my Windows based work on the MacBook and retire two windows machines.  Then I will be down to two computers.  A laptop and a workstation.   In about five years, the kids will start needing their own machines and I think they will be getting MacBooks or whatever Mac portables are around then.

My Linksys wireless router traveled with me to TN on vacation and I was never able to use it.  I believe it is a goner.  I replaced it with a cheap unit from one of those office supply stores and have never looked back.  I will look into getting the Apple Airport Express for traveling in the future.

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