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Cessna 170

When I was growing up, my dad had a flying RC model that he started building when I was a little kid. He never worked on it as I can remember, but it was always around on a top shelf out in the garage. He never did complete it. It was a white, Cessna 170. All the main components were built, just not fully assembled and he had never actually flown it. It was quite elaborate for a balsa model. Very much to scale and he had done some real quality work on it.

Anyway, having seen that plane in model form for most of my life, it’s shape is fixed in my mind and reminds me of my dad. While driving past the Boise airport to work, I sometimes catch a glimpse of a plain white Cessna 170 sitting on the ramp. It always conjures an thought about my dad and makes me smile.


I’m thinking about bringing this classic civil aviation plane into the story. Joshua is a private pilot and this type of plane belonged to his father. Making Joshua a pilot, will mean going back in the re-write and adding some pilot references. I would like him and Dancia to use this plane to fly to McCall with to get away from the bad guy. I figure Joshua’s family owns a cabin in McCall – <humor> who doesn’t? </humor>.

I was a solo pilot at 18, and my dad was a pilot and owned a Cessna 150. So I’d love to work a airplane into the story. I love aviation and have been out of a cockpit for a long time. But I do still remember learning to fly and all the sounds, smells and experiences of flying. It will be fun to write those chapters. (Below is a Cessna 150 similar to my N252WM. My plane was crashed on takeoff in Florida, and is now a parts plane.)

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