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Future Novels

This is a look into my idea jar, to see what I’m looking at writing next.


Galaxy Collision Series – Space Opera

Starforgers Pre-War

(Novels, Short Stories)

Starstrikers War

(Novels, Short Stories)

Starveyers Post-War

(Novels, Short Stories)

“I Tyrmian”

Betweos – Anti-War Morality Tale

Future Earth Series – Hard Sci-Fi set in the near to distant future

(“Mission To Vesta” and “Robotic Bar” fit this series)


Joshua Jones Mystery – Programmer Sleuth

Null_Pointer – Coder gone crazy.

Fatal_Exception – Death in a virtual community.

Vampire Chronicles

Valone – Vampiris

(Short Stories)


“The New Vampires”

War Drama

Fei Weing – Story of the Flying Tigers

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