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Issues I’ve Noticed So Far

I re-read chapters 1 -4 recently and found some mistakes.  Joshua’s Porsche changes from black to silver in Chapter 4.  Fixed.  Joshua and Sikes SSH into Glenn’s PC at work from the bar, and seem to be able to get in without a password.  Later in Chapter 4, Joshua has to look for Glenn’s password.  I think I will change the bar scene to show Joshua logged in as himself to Glenn’s PC.

Joshua seems to be always eating or drinking coffee. :)

Anyone notice anything else foo bared?

0 thoughts on “Issues I’ve Noticed So Far”

  1. Other than the note I left on 3 about safe mode, all I’ve noticed are some minor typos, diner for dinner, an ‘a’ where ‘an’ should have been (regexp: s/( a [aeiou])|( an [^aeiou])/i should find all of them, although I only noticed the one) and I think it’s “post-mortem” not “post-mordum”.

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