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With Friends Like These…

I have decided to make the protagonist a normal guy. Sure he has some interesting and subtle character attributes, but for the most part, he is an average geek. What allows him to to do extraordinary feats, will be all the quirky and weird friends he has. His friends compliment him and allow his powers of observation and intuition about finding out the mystery possible.

Of course he will still have enemies or a nemesis. Not everyone who knows Joshua necessarily likes him. So expect to see some shady characters in the mix also. These are the familiar “Grays” that I love to write and love to read.

Trip a college room mate, who is a Film Major. This guy is me back in film school, or at least a composite of folks I knew back then. Hey, write what you know, you know?

Ham Buddy (not named yet) will be a electronics nerd who builds his own radios and other crazy stuff. Need a surveillance camera for a stake out? No problem. This guy is also a gun nut. Has a mini arsenal in his basement. Of course he lives in a basement apartment of a big house that he rents out to others. Situated on the Boise Bench so he can get out with his radio antennas.

Dancia – Geek Girl. Not many girls are expert coders. This one is, despite looking like a Goth and having a slight crush on Joshua. Dancia is one of those grays, there are aspects about her that we really don’t want to know about. She can speaks French.

Psycho – Nik Sikes Security expert, globe traveler. This guy rents a house in suburbia and has a complete Hacker network wired through out the house. No real furniture. He’s never there.

All for now…

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