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Ham Radio

(10:18:06) Ken(W0PHT)/Gaim: I think I’ll make one of Joshua’s friends a Ham. I was also thinking about making the bad guy use HF to talk to his stooge. This way we can get Josh to monitor HF for that traffic.
(10:18:23) Tyler (KE7EDZ): lol
(10:19:24) Ken(W0PHT)/Gaim: He sounds wierd can you make him sound more normal, sure, we’re slightly off frequency. “Oh God, I know that voice!”

(10:18:23) Tyler (KE7EDZ): nice

Been looking for a way to get Ham radio into the story, this could be the way.   Now to think up a friend who is a Ham and when to introduce him and when to have that “a-ha” moment.

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