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Intro To Linux

If you are coming to Linux from Windows and find yourself completely lost, there is a new free book available to help you get your feet wet.  “The Easiest Guide to Linux You Will Ever Find” is written from a KDE and SuSE perspective, but don’t let that stop you if you have just installed a superior distro like Ubuntu. :)

It’s hard for an old Linux crank like myself to remember what it was like moving to Linux.  Actually, I do remember and it was not this easy.  Why, back in the day, we had to struggle just to get it installed and then the long struggle up hill was seen as a badge of courage.  I originally thought that if you were smart enough to figure it out, you deserved to be able to use it.

While that’s still true to some extent today, it’s far easier to make the transition now, then it has ever been.  With easy to read novice level books like this available, Linux will surely convert more and more people to the free and open side.

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