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Little OEMs Meet Tux

How would I save a little OEM who makes computers?  Start offering Linux on all my PC products from Servers to Laptops.  How many other OEMs are doing that?  NONE.  If you already have a niche market, why not make your products unique in the Windows dominated business world?  Imagine being able to order a PC across an entire product line with either Windows or Linux, depending on your IT department’s needs.

What distributions would I like to see?  Ubuntu for desktops and SuSE for servers.  Actually, I would not care what distribution they came with, as long as every piece of the hardware was Linux certified.  So my wireless card worked and my graphics card worked out of the box.

How would the OEM support Linux when support for Windows is already a major concern for them?  Go to the grass roots level and make deals with Linux User Groups all over the world.  It would give the Lugs a reason to be and it would improve customer support when the tech you got on the line to help get your Ubuntu laptop working was a genuine fan of Linux and was happy to show you the ropes, instead of a barely trained Windows flunky making minimum wages and speaking with a foreign accent.

Imagine getting a new PC and it came with Linux stickers on it and a listing of forums or email lists for the local LUG near you for any technical support.  I would volunteer for that LUG support.

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