Talking to my MacBook

Last night I started talking to my MacBook and it heard me.  I have not played with it too much but if I take the time to learn the commands it knows, it will do as I say.  I was reminded of Scotty in the Star Trek “Save the Wales” movie,  “Computer?”.  Anyway, it actually does work in Tiger and I geeked out with it for a while until I started to annoy my wife.  :)

It has a silly knock, knock joke feature that I will have to modify to tell “real” jokes.  If you set it so that you don’t have to give a pre-command word, like “Computer, what time is it?”, it will just rattle off the time whenever it hears you say “What time is it?”.  Again, I wish it had a Majel Barrett voice, from the Enterprise.  That would be slicker than snot.  I think Paramont should license her voice for talking software.  I can’t be the only Geek who would be amused by that.

Eventually, I want to record it speaking my novel and then have a cool audio version.  With all the “voices” available on Mac, it could be mildly amusing to listen to a story using different voices for each character.  Dub in a little sound effects and music and it would sound like a night at the robot opera.

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  1. That sounds interesting. How did you get the Mac to listen for your voice commands? Is there an online article or resource that has more information?

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