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GAmp Revisited

One of the things you can do with an Open Source project, is open the source and make some modifications. So I opened the GAmp project in Visual Studio and had some fun modifying the UI. My goal was to make it blend better in transparent mode and to make it slightly smaller. I got rid of the slider control and moved the volume controls to the button line. This made the interface smaller. I also colored the area behind the timer settings a pale yellow to make it stand out slightly and to give it a radio dial look.

What I'd like to get around to doing is making the "dial" a control and then applying a more interesting skin to it. Custom controls are fun to play with and can make your program stand out from the crowd. Anyway, kudos to Jeremy for letting us play with his baby! If you have any GAmp mods feel free to write in and tell me about them.

I updated again, this time changing colors and adding a panel behind the dial.  I like this one the best so will stop while I'm ahead. :) 


0 thoughts on “GAmp Revisited”

  1. I really like what you’ve done with the Time Label… and while I thought about setting it up like yours it makes skinning just that much harder :(. One day maybe…

  2. Apparently, I forgot to notify my Hosting Service that I had changed billing accounts. My appologies to anyone trying to see the pictures on this blog. I should have service restored by the end of the week.

  3. Try again a little later on, the pictures are linked to my Plone server and sometimes it’s slow. I was having trouble loading them this morning, but appears ok now.

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