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Ubuntu How-To Page

I ran accross this on this morning. How to Install Anything in Ubuntu. If you are a Linux Newbie and would like to understand how to administer your new Ubuntu OS, this single page how-to will be something you can use over and over again. Heck, even if you are a seasoned Linux user, you may find something new in this article.

On a side note, I've installed and started using Ubuntu in Parallels on my MacBook. I had to go back to the 5.10 version in order for it to see my flat panel screen correctly, but then the apt-get upgrade to Dapper Drake was a breeze. I have 512MB RAM dedicated to it, and it runs fairly quickly. Internet access through the OSX host system is a tad slow.

One night I had ssh'd into my Mac OSX host, then ssh'd into my server to update something. Pretty cool. I even have a basic Ruby On Rails system up on the Ubuntu side. I need to try and install that on my Mac side next. Sometime this week I will get around to reviewing the Dapper Drake release of Ubuntu. I have installed it on my workstation and my server, so will be able to put it through it's paces. So far I have to say it's been real nice.

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  1. I tried editing my xorg.conf file too, but ran into problems. When I reset the X server, the login filled the screen like it was supposed to, but then I could not log in to Ubuntu. I could not ctrl-alt-F3 to a new console either. I did log into the default X with a simple terminal, but changing settings in the xorg.conf, again lead to the inablity to login. Perhaps I should have restarted the virtual machine, but that option did not occure to me at the time. After reloading the entire OS once and having the same thing happen to me, I deleted the VM and restarted with Ubuntu 5.10. Breezy loaded without a hitch and gave me full screen with correct resolution. So then I just apt-get updated and was fine. I wonder if the different graphics cards in the MacBook and MacBook Pro had something to do with it. More likely, I just missed something somewhere.

  2. I had no problems installing Dapper Drake in my MacBook Pro. I manually updated the x.conf file to get my preferred resolutions though. Runs pretty good. I don’t notice any slow down using the Mac’s Internet connection.

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