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Novel Cover

I’ve been trying to come up with a fast and easy novel cover for my Starstrikers book. Nothing has grabbed me so far and said “Do this!”, so I continue to struggle with it. The idea is to do a quick rewrite and make sure the text is up to par and then do a limited release on

Now I’m thinking about doing a rough pencil sketch of a possible cover design and just using it for the pre-release artwork. Just black and white and in the spirit of a thumbnail or a storyboard. Like the artist sketched out a working idea and we just went with it.

So now I’m just doing some sketches with the main characters in heroic poses. Seeing what looks interesting and what looks campy. I want to recreate the drawing my friend Ed did when we were kids. Maybe I should get him to sketch it out for me… Ed, do you still draw much? Interested in helping me do a cover for Starstrikers, that old story you me and Jason came up with when were kids?

Maybe he’ll reply in the comments.

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