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Shell Shocked Android

Can a robot/android suffer Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome? That is the case with 347, the android belonging to the main character in Starforgers. Devon is forced to leave 347 on the remote moon where she was stationed as a Stellar Ranger, when she joins the Star Force. 347 witnesses the death of everyone on the moon when the bad guys invade. It records the death of Devon’s boyfriend and in the process becomes disturbed by the situation.

347 starts to behave erratically and eventually winds up trying to do harm to humans during a key piece of testimony it gives before the Senate on the home word. I want to have some fun with this and sort of combine psychology with my knowledge of programming and see if we can get the android to experience a bit shift for the worst. In a nod to Asimov, my android will wig out and allow harm to come to someone.

347 actually recorded Devon’s boyfriend getting blown away right in front of his visual receptors. The droid actually has caked brain goo on it’s head casing. Something about the explosion combined with the trauma, flips some bits in his main routine and he starts to loose it.

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  1. yea……ummmm….why do you do art again? come on man seriously, give the shit up. I know a german woman that could make a better canole than you could art my friend, an shes friggin german….so listen, give it up, an move on pal. It would be best for all of us…..thx!

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