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MIT’s $100.00 Laptop

I just checked out the bright green and yellow kid’s laptops that the MIT Media Lab has debuted. It looks really cool. I want one. Some folks have suggested that they allow US geeks to purchase one if they buy it for $400.00 and then donate the remaining funds to the needy kids. That’s an Idea I could get behind.

I started wondering how they plan to update millions of kids laptops if there were security flaws found in them. The notion of Amazon or some such web site getting DDOS attacked by millions of windup PC’s for exactly ten minutes is amusing to me.

Still, I’d love to have one for around the house. Be a cheap little web browser or notepad that I could use to get into my server and do anything from programming to surfing on. Also be great for entertaining the kids on long car trips. Leapfrog are you listening?

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