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Many geeks take pride in their hardware and will boast about it without prompting. Some of us are less boastful and are hard pressed to say exactly what we are running. I’m definitely in the later category. The only time I get concerned about my hardware is when my Widows machine starts lagging because the latest OS version can’t run on my ancient hardware.

Despite my lack of concern for hardware I find it interesting to know what my peers are running. So I’ve started a My Hardware page on my blog site that lets the curious reader know what I’m running as far as hardware and to some extent the software I use most often. It would be great if this were a regular area on Tech blogs.

(I just had to add blog to my AbiWord dictionary. AbiWord itself is not in it’s own dictionary. But that’s a subject for another column.)

It’s just a start, and I did not list the graphics cards because they are all nondescript cheap things that any Gamer would scoff at. Only one machine – Renoke has a Sound Blaster audio card that is slightly more than what’s on-board most systems. I don’t game, sorry.

The next time I take a machine down, (don’t hold your breath) I will try and catalog what’s inside of it in more detail.

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