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Diversion Tactics

I’m a parent of pre-school age children. I know all about diversions. I can redirect the attentions of my children at the drop of a hat to discourage deviant behavior. It beats yelling at them and it goes unnoticed by them.

When the current administration railroaded the country into invading Iraq, I saw it for what it was – a diversion. Why else would we put all our military efforts into removing a dictator that we had been perfectly willing to contain for over ten years, while the people responsible for planning 911, go largely untouched into the night?

It’s well know that the Bush family and the Bin-Laden family have connections that are at best dubious. It’s far easier to go after a dictator then to flush out a terrorist. I just have trouble believing that the US Military, the greatest military in History, can not find one man on this planet. If all of our military assets were brought to bear on finding Bin-Laddden and in the process eliminating his cells, I have to believe it can be done. Instead of fighting a war of attrition in Iraq, we should be on a man-hunt for the real criminal.

The only one’s that should be in Iraq are the Iraqi people. Freedom does not mean anything if you have not volunteered to fight for it yourself. We gave them back their country, now let them sort out the details. They may not decide that our kind of democracy is for them. They might have a civil war. We did. You didn’t see any other country come into the US and say we should not fight ourselves?

It’s time to get back on target.

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