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Back to the future – rockets.

NASA has released an overview of their next space ship. How We’ll Get Back to the Moon Looks like they are using Shuttle solid rocket boosters and shuttle main engines to design two rockets, a heavy lift cargo rocket and a Apollo-era style crew rocket.

Has NASA finally waked up from the Shuttle era deep sleep and realized that the best technology to get things into space is the rocket? Think of where we would have been had they chosen this design instead of the shuttle. I grew up watching shuttle launches in Florida and I always thought they were cool. But please, it’s a mini-van. We need a semi-truck to get things up into orbit and on their way to the Moon or Mars.

I just hope they can get this new set up built and tested before the Shuttle Program falls apart completely. I somehow feel that Burt Rutan will be finishing the ISS instead of NASA.



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