Mother’s Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend for the McConnell family. We had a make-up game for Jack’s baseball team. After the game, we were given Endora, our new family dog. We adapted her from a lady who had trained her to be a guide dog. She’s fully trained but had a career change, and now she needed a new home. We were lucky to be given such a pretty and loving animal.

Here’s a picture of the ball field before the game.  It was a beautiful day in Southern Idaho.

Field 4 East Boise

Here is Endora after a long Sunday of playing outside with the boys.


Baseball Season

For those of you not in the know, I’m pretty active with my son’s baseball teams during the Spring months.  If you have trouble getting in touch with me, whatever the method, please realize that my family takes priority.  I’m not saying I won’t get back to you, just that it may take me longer.

I generally won’t schedule readings, interviews, signings and conferences during this two and half month period.  The writing groups that I regularly attend suffer from my absence during this time frame too, unfortunately.  But it doesn’t last forever and I’m back to the fold soon enough.

A Road Trip to Remember

My oldest son’s baseball team has not won a game yet.  They have come so close to getting their first win the last two games.  Their coach has a deal with them.  If they win, he will shave his head.  They really love their coach and of course want to see him bald.

Today they have a double hitter in Kuna, a small town near Boise.  Their coach pulled some strings and got them a stretch limo for the 40 minute ride.  How cool is that?  I hope they get a win today, I really do.  But even if they lose again, you can’t beat the memory of arriving in style.  Just look at that smile.

Do you think he's excited?

UPDATED:  The team made such a grand entrance in the Limo, that their opponents were intimidated enough to be beaten by the winless team from Boise.  In the second game of the double hitter, they lost again, but it was much closer than the first game.