Mother’s Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend for the McConnell family. We had a make-up game for Jack’s baseball team. After the game, we were given Endora, our new family dog. We adapted her from a lady who had trained her to be a guide dog. She’s fully trained but had a career change, and now she needed a new home. We were lucky to be given such a pretty and loving animal.

Here’s a picture of the ball field before the game.  It was a beautiful day in Southern Idaho.

Field 4 East Boise

Here is Endora after a long Sunday of playing outside with the boys.


Meet Endora

Our family has just adopted a new pet named Endora.  She’s a former Seeing Eye Dog and comes to us via that program after things didn’t work out for her in that career. She’s a black Lab with a big heart and we can’t wait until Saturday when she arrives, “for good” as my kids say.

Endora was named after the mother witch played by Agnes Moorehead in the Bewitched TV show of the sixties.  She’s going to have a great time trying to keep up with the boys.  We are hoping that the pet cat, Yuki-shima, will eventually get over himself and get to like her too. But you know how cats are.  Endora loves cats, not as a delicacy but as play mates.  So I think they will eventually become best buds.  The picture of Endora below was taken by my oldest, Jack.

Endora in the house!