Life as We Do Not Know It

“Life as We Do Not Know It” by Peter Ward.
Ward’s writing sytle is approachable if not a tad bit too self absorbed. He has some valid ideas on classifying non-Earth related life, should it ever be found or created in the lab. I’d like to come back and read his other more well known work “Rare Earth” in which he takes the unpopular view that life may in deed be rare in the cosmos. I’m sticking with the Biology thread and delving into “The Beak of the Finch” next.

Planetary Society at 25

I was just a kid in junior high school when I heard Carl Sagan announce the formation of the Planetary Society on The Late Show With Johny Carson. I eagerly had my dad send in a check so that I could be a member.

Over the years I watched the achievements of the society and felt proud to be a member and to have my name rocketed to such real and wondrous places as Mars and Jupiter. Sail on Planetary Society, I’m right with you!

Space Wall Papers

Spotted this site on the copycat for non-techies. It’s called and it appears to be a mix bag of NASA astronomy pictures and Sci-Fi inspired digital art. All images are suitable for large desk top images.

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