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Starship Series Novellas

DESTROYER: Declo Demons is the fourth book in the Starship Series that started with Corvette. If you have read the Corvette trilogy, you may need to jog your memory by reading the final chapter of Book 2 before diving into Declo Demons. There is no recap to catch you up. Declo Demons is the start of the second trilogy in the series and will be three books long.

The above image shows the released book covers in the series and the trilogy titles for each. The series starts with the CORVETTE trilogy, then the DESTROYER trilogy and finally, the EXPLORER trilogy. In each trilogy, the series hero, Captain Vance is on a different class of starship.

These are short books, none longer than 200 pages in length. They are intended to be read in order and no effort is made to recap what happened in the previous book. I will be bundling each trilogy into a book and selling it for much less than if you were to buy each book. But frankly, at $2.99 per book, these books are priced to buy and read quickly.

Each trilogy has it’s own arc and the main character, Armon Vance, has an arc that lasts all nine books. In Corvette, he’s a young, freshly minted commander and by the last book, he’s the bearded old star captain who’s seen more of the galaxy than anyone else. I’m currently writing the final trilogy where Vance comes out of retirement to help lead an inexperienced crew aboard a civilian exploration ship that will push the boundaries of known space and in the end, wind up right where the Star Saga begins.

I hope to finish writing this series next year and have them all available by the Spring of 2022. I hope you’ll stick with them until then.

You can purchase DESTROYER: Declo Demons right now, wherever ebooks are sold!

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