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Writing Update

Still plugging away on edits for The Blood Empress. Soon as I finish that, I’m into the second draft of Devon’s Blade. I’m eager to get these novellas done and out there, I think folks will like them. Working with my brother to design the covers for the Star Saga novels. Below is the latest iteration for the Starforgers remake.


Thanks to those of you who are downloading the free Starforgers epub from here on the site. I’ve had over a hundred downloads in the last two months and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Most of that traffic is probably coming from the modeling communities that I post to on Google Plus. Who says Plus is dead, eh? Thanks for giving my novel a shot and I hope it leads you back to my other novels.


Above is a shot of my home office setup while editing The Blood Empress. I had a few days off work last week to attend some ball games and used the time to get in some extra editing.

Here are some updated images of the Renoke model, for those of you not following my posts on Google Plus.




I’ll be on vacation in Tennessee next week, so probably won’t be updating much. I should have the first novella to the copy editor and be working on the Devon’s Blade.