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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-18

  • I have never read a Dan Brown book. Probably never will. Never seen the movies of his books either. #
  • Panning a family get-away in Hailey Idaho for next weekend. Son has a football game there so great time to relax a bit near Sun Valley. #
  • Setting up my Tiger Den contact lists and schedules. So much work, but worth the effort. #
  • Morbid, but the story of Annie Le reminds me of the song The Woman in the Wall by the Beautiful South. #
  • There is always a letdown phase after completing a novel. It is then that I study my craft. Write, study writing and then write more. #
  • Erased my HD and installed Snow Leopard then Time Machined my back ups and damned if the MacBook is not running just fine. Now for Ubuntu. #
  • So it appears you can indeed order my novel from Powell's Books. Way cool. #
  • The Novel Writer's Toolkit by Bob Mayer is GOLDEN. If you are a writer, you should read this book. I'm half way through it now. #
  • Plotting next Joshua Jones novel. Kill Dash Nine will be darker, more psychological and will attempt to take on a sensitive Geek topic… #
  • … the relationship between gaming and violent behavior. #
  • This is a thriller novel waiting to be written. Mafia, nuclear waste and missing boats… #
  • The Moon and Venus were hand in hand this morning atop the Sawtooth foothills. Orion was fighting on high as I walked back from the gym. #
  • Good article over on SF&F Novelists today. All three of my novels pass the Bechdel Test, do yours? #
  • First rocky exoplanet finally found. Only the 5th such planet known in the universe. #
  • I'm going to really miss my garden fresh tomatos, for lunch. #
  • XKCD Volume 0 the book, is now out. #
  • Buying Dan Brown's new book? How about ordering something from an unknown author to balance your reading karma? #
  • Busy night, Scout meeting, football practice and diner some time after all that. #ParentBusyAsHeckNight #
  • New Drake Equation being worked out for number of alien habitats. #
  • RT @migueldeicaza Stromtroopers 9/11: #
  • OK, this could be my next lappy – With Ubuntu of course! #
  • Daddy wants the new HP 5310 laptop with Ubuntu 9.10. Better get to selling that latest book… #
  • Sadly, I won't be going to the Boise Spec Fic meeting tonight. ;-( #
  • If nobody buys another copy of Null_Pointer this week, I may be able to get as low as two million on the ranking. Please, don't buy my book. #
  • Woohoo! Broke the 2 million ranking on Amazon for my latest book. How low can it go? Help me fInd out by not buying it. #
  • Pics of the new Ubuntu splash screen are making me grin. I can't wait to get my hands on it on October 29th! #
  • How is it that Communicator, a Microsoft IM client uses more RAM than Outlook? Also, dumping Seesmic for Twhirl. Seesmic crazy mem use. #

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