GCU Sherman Build, Part 1

The GCU Sherman is featured in my novella, K’nat Trap. It’s a smaller frigate that uses three Class C stardrives. Here is my original drawing of it that I made probably in the nineties. I’ll attempt to build it from just one side view. Call me crazy.

As with all of my studio scale model builds, it all starts with a RenShape mounting block a hole for an aluminum rod and a set screw. All of the Starstrikers Era Alliance starships use PVC as their star drive tubes. The Sherman is a Class C frigate so I went with 2″ PVC pipes for the drives. I use the Gorilla White glue to attach the RenShape block to the PVC. Various weighted blocks hold them upright and the angle ruler keeps things level.

Below you can see the wood base with the 1/2 inch aluminum rod. I usually use 3/4″ rod, but opted for a bigger diameter for this starship. My C-stand will hold up this size just fine on the gobo head. You can also see my only drawing of the ship in this image.

In this picture you can see the RenShape blocks and the set screw. RenShape holds a thread real good for the set screws. On the desk behind the Sherman you can see the GCU Griffin model. They are the same scale.

The third star drive tube is glued on top of the others. I shortened the wooden base and added another block to it for support.

The first bit of superstructure to be built up is the keel. Seemed appropriate for a ship. I also sanded the PVC where I knew plastic sheets would eventually be glued over them for panels.

Building the GCU Sokol, Part 14

Detailing the Keel and Bottom Port Side

Lots of pictures this time and not a whole lot of progress. I managed to get the bottom and port side of the keel finished and the port side underneath the main gun decks. We’ll start with the bigger details in this long shot. I spent some time in the center of the deck using parts from a 1/35 Hummer that I parted out and various bits of pieces from the bench stock.


There are two turbo cannons on the bottom of the keel and two on the bottom of the main gun deck. When I positioned them, I tried to take into account fields of fire to protect the ship.


This shot shows the major details before I scored panel lines and added some strips of plastic and other panels.


This is the finished port keel and bottom. I also started gluing the thin panels over the PVC tube. That bit is unfinished. But the panel lines and other details on the keel and bottom are pretty much done. I’m quite pleased with this effort, but now I have to turn the beast around in the vise and do it all again on the starboard side. Sigh.


I took this side pic so you could see what it would look like if you were witnessing a fly by from the side. More work to do on the PVC covering, but you can begin to see where I’m going with that. I sanded the PVC and glued the pieces on one end at a time.


Close up of the port gun deck bottom. Gonna stick a fork in this area and call it done. But it sure looks pretty good. I did my best to smudge up the scored panel lines so you could see them.


Another shot of the keel and underside of the port gun pod. I tried to keep to the lines on the sides and keep the bottom of the keel from cluttering up with too many greeblies.

Below I have some little kit bashed model starships that might find their way into the back cover art for the paperback version of Starveyors. More on that effort in another post.