Podcasts in My Queue

I thought it was about time to update the list podcasts that I have been tuning into recently. I have a decent commute and a job that lets me listen to music or podcasts on a regular basis. Here now are the shows that I listen too in no particular order:

1. The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy – If you read SF or write it, you need to listen to this one. David’s knowledge of short stories is unbelievable. I always learn something new about the genre from this one.

2. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History/Common Sense – Dan’s a History Fan and his passion for history is both infectious and entertaining. You will see both modern and ancient history in a new light. His political podcast might not be for you if you identify to a particular party, but if you are an independent thinker, you’ll probably love it.

3. Hanselminutes – Interesting interviews with people in IT, from Scott Hanselman a Microsoft employee. Sometimes it gets too MS for me, but overall, Scott is pretty open to all kinds of software tools and practices.

4. Linux Outlaws – One of my favorite Linux podcasts that gives you a good overview of the latest distros and drama associated with Linux and Open Source in general.

5. Meet the Filmmaker – This one is new to my cue and I have only listened to the latest episode, but it seems like a good general podcast about filmmakers and the films they make.

6. SE-Radio (Software Engineering) – This one is for the hardcore coders out there. If you are not a programmer, this is not going to make sense. Geeky the way I like it.

7. The Self Publishing Podcast – These guys have some great advice about Self Publishing and anyone even thinking about going that route to publication, flat needs to listen in on a regular basis.

8. Skeptoid (Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena) – This one is short and filled with information you need to let you weed out the BS you hear everyday about pseudoscience.

9. This Week In Google – One of two TWiT shows I listen too on a regular basis. Very good analysis and news on cloud based ideas, not just Google stuff.

10. Ubuntu Podcast (UK) – One of the best Ubuntu podcasts out there. Direct from the UK and geared for the non-technical user.

11. Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing – Another awesome podcast for writers and even readers of Sci-Fi. I’m a long time listener to this one.

12. American Cinematographer – In a previous career path, I was a filmmaker and a subscriber to AC magazine. This is hardcore Cinematographer stuff for film geeks.

13. NPR Fresh Air – I’m a long time listener to Terry Gross. Her interviews are always interesting.

14. This Week In Tech (TWiT) – If you enjoy tech news, this is THE podcast to listen too. Long time listener.

At any given time, I’m likely to be trying out a new podcast to see if I like it. These are some of the new ones in my queue, that I have no opinion on yet and therefore have not listened to them much.

1. /Film

2. The Deep End

3. Books on the Nightstand

4. Full Circle Magazine

5. NPR Books

6. Science Talk