Free Short Story On Kindle

This week’s free Kindle short story is Ocherva. An origins story about Stellar Ranger Devon Ardel’s first day on the desert moon. If you have read Starforgers, you will be familiar with Devon and her Rangers. This is where Devon’s Devils started.

The story was first published in the anthology Barren Worlds edited by Eric T. Reynolds for Hadley Rille Books.


Free Short Story on Kindle

Today and Saturday you can pick up my free short story – A Night at Downers on the Kindle. After a long day at work, Ranger Devon Ardel finds her off-duty time is equally trying. This story is set on Ocherva, and features the Stellar Ranger unit seen in the novel, Starforgers.

If you enjoyed Starforgers, you’ll love this back story about Devon and her Rangers.