Free Short Story on Kindle

You may or may not be aware that I sometimes dabble in the Mystery genre. Today and tomorrow you can sample that side of me, as written under my pen name – Johnny Batch; by getting The Safe Cracker for free on Kindle. The story features Detective Bill Plait from my novel, Null Pointer.

This is a gritty, crime drama about a man who breaks into safes legitimately who gets drawn into a deadly robbery scheme by a sexy woman and her wacked out crew of misfits.  The story was inspired by a good friend of mine who is a real safe cracker. I was so fascinated by his tools and abilities I created this fictional account of someone who opens safes for frustrated owners who have forgotten their combinations.

If you like crime stories, you’ll enjoy The Safe Cracker. If you want to read more please check out Null Pointer, a novel about a programmer turned amateur sleuth. Now only .99 cents in the Kindle store!

Free Short Story On Kindle

This week’s free Kindle short story is Ocherva. An origins story about Stellar Ranger Devon Ardel’s first day on the desert moon. If you have read Starforgers, you will be familiar with Devon and her Rangers. This is where Devon’s Devils started.

The story was first published in the anthology Barren Worlds edited by Eric T. Reynolds for Hadley Rille Books.


Silicant Remorse Free Short Story

This weekend’s free Kindle short story is “Silicant Remorse“. If you download that story, it includes a second short story called, “Rock Collection”. Rock Collection is my most successful short story. It has been read by over 3,000 people and also holds the unique distinction of being my most rejected story of all time. Nobody wants to buy it, but readers sure enjoy reading it.