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Star Saga

Home of the Science Fiction novels and short stories set in the Star Saga universe.


Starforgers – Available Now. Find out how The Great War between the Votainion Empire the Alliance starts. Follow Stellar Ranger, Devon Ardel from the desert moon of Ocherva, to the skies over Selene as she joins the Starforgers to save the Federation’s home world.

Starstrikers – Available Now. A Special Forces team must adjust to losing one of their own while going behind enemy lines to recover new technology that could alter the course of a five hundred year old galactic war.



Starveyors – Available Now. The Great War nears to a close, but peace hangs in the balance as Ambassadors on both sides battle a thousand years of ill will between the Votainion Empire and the Alliance.

Tyrmia – Available Now. A starfighter pilot crashes on a lush, alien world and must adapt the primitive ways of indigenous aliens in order to survive. She soon finds herself defending the locals from the same savage aliens that caused a millennial conflict with her people.

Tales from Ocherva, Vol. 1 – Available Now. A collection of short stories set in the Star Saga universe.  Meet an android that becomes a town sheriff and another that takes up collecting rocks.  Ride along with the legendary Stellar Ranger Company lead by Devon Ardel – Devon’s Devils.  Meet exotic aliens and rugged spacers who share the barren world of Ocherva on the outskirts of the known galaxy.


“The Renoke” – Read it now on A story about a man who buys a previously owned ship, and gets more than he bargained for.

“Rock Collection” – Read it now on Scribd. An android starts collecting rocks and pondering why he is compelled to do so.

“Silicants Only” – Read it now on Scribd. The android Thirty-seven receives an upgrade and must deal with the consequences of being self-aware. If you enjoyed “Rock Collection” you will like this one about the same android.

“Tin Star” – Read it now on Scribd. Android Eighty-eight becomes the sheriff of a small town until the Stellar Rangers come calling.

“Red Allen” – Read it now on Scribd. A test pilot must troubleshoot a faulty starfighter or die trying.