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K’nat Starfighter Build, Part 2

All the electronics are inside, tucked away and safe. Each LED gets a resister and the whole lot gets a slider switch that will be accessible behind hidden panels on the model’s bottom.

The head lamps were installed in the nose and wired up through holes in the bulkhead.

I tested all the lights and then glued the bottom on and clamped it down to dry.

Next came the upper wings.

Next came the bulkheads for the engines and the lower wings. It all just gets glued together pretty easily. Not much bracing required.

Here’s the plastic model next to the cardboard one. The red line is from using a For Sale sign for the plastic!

Now she’s up on the mounting block and sporting weapons.

Next up were the boxes on the wing top. All this is just a matter of cutting plastic to size and gluing. Pretty boring stuff, but the results are fun as the model takes shape.

Stern view shows the engine exhausts.

The first bits of details are added to the top of the model.

Not to forget the bottom. Lots of interesting details can be found in odd places. Those cool gray pieces are plastic paper towel holders from work.

And that concludes the construction phase of this model. Next up we’re onto the detailing bits.