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Adventures in Modeling – Bard Parker #6

Ever since I started watching Paul Budzik’s videos on YouTube I’ve coveted the Bard Parker #6 scalpel handle. It’s the one dentists use and he recommends it for modeling. I went out and purchased the 25A Swan Morton blades he uses and they came in the mail pretty quickly. But I was not able to get the illusive BP #6 handle. I ordered a cheapo handle so that I could at least use the blades. I didn’t really care for the scalpel over my regular X-Acto blades for most of my cutting tasks. It was awkward in my hand and too small. Much of my cutting needs were better suited to the shape of the X-Acto blades.

The Bark Parker handle is larger and much better made than the cheapo handle. So I’m looking forward to using it on my bench. Here are some images of the two scalpels together. I’ll do a follow up post after I use the new handle for a while.