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Novella Sales Numbers

Here is an update on novella sales for November. Devon’s Blade sold 73 copies over a two month period. Thirty of those were pre-sales and the rest after it was released. In just one day of being free on Kindle it “sold” 80 copies. That sure says something about how popular free is, especially on Black Friday. It was good enough to get me to 18th in the free books ranking. So I guess that’s cool.


My screenshot program captured itself above, but you can still read the 18 spot.

I may run another day or two sale on the novella, but I’ll lower the price to .99 cents instead of free. Unless of course I get more than six reviews from those who got it for free. That would make it more worth my while to lose the sales and gain the reviews. Again, reviews on Amazon are golden for writers. Nobody cares so much about reviews of toasters, but book reviews matter. I can’t even get a BookBub ad with only six reviews. So please leave reviews for your favorite author’s books.

Sales of my second novella, The Blood Empress are next to nothing in comparison. Clearly there is no connection to the Devon’s Blade novella in the reader’s minds. That novella has sold 6 copies and the read through rate is about that of two people reading it on KNEP. These are copies that people on Prime get to read for free.

Both of these novellas are in-between stories for the first three books of my Star Saga. Books 2 and 3 won’t be out until late December and January. So I’m not the least bit concerned about sales at this point. The novella’s are completely different, back stories to the two main characters of the series. I think after all five books are available, I’ll see proper read through for the series.

My focus now is to get Book 2, The Rising out before Christmas. Wish me luck!