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Launch Week for Devon’s Blade Novella


Strap yourselves in, slip on your helmet and pull on your Nomex gloves, it’s launch week! Six more days until Devon’s Blade comes out on Kindle. If you don’t already have your copy pre-ordered, then be sure to snag it this weekend. We want to explode out of the gates like a Viper on afterburner. Or should I say, like a diving Swift?

Tuesday I’ll have another sneak peek of the actual book with a look at Chapter 7, which features the famous fighter pilot naming ceremony as it exists on the remote water world of Kew. Find out what a bribe is and who FNG’s are. If you pay close attention, you might even learn how Choke got his name.

This novella was a joy to write and it’t the first stand alone novella set in the Star Saga universe. It is also the first of three novellas that will feature fighter pilots. So if Top Gun with starfighters is your kind of action, be sure and read Devon’s Blade. I’m due to start writing the next one soon. I can’t wait.