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Building the Renoke, Part 4

Continuing the detailing on all that flat white plastic. It’s starting to look like a starship anyway. I listened to a ton of Cubs games on the internet this summer as well as my usual pod casts. I was also fueled by Irish pirate music and fighter pilot songs. It was a blast.


I really like this part of scratch modeling. Taking a plane white canvas and picking out just the right greeblies to make it look like a working starship.


This side of the Renoke turned out pretty decent.


I also liked the pipe and top panels seen here.


This is the top hatch, getting details applied. Lots of layering of panels and model parts.


I decided to put down some gray primer on the areas that were detailed. This helps me see what is working and what is not. I masked off the areas where I still have to detail.


You can start to see a starship emerging from all the rainbow colored pieces. This is where I find out if the details are working, or if they just look like random model parts glued down to the model.


The rest of the top deck is coming together. Lots of truck parts here and probably too many circular parts, but you use what you have in the scrap box and make due.


Here’s the other side of the Renoke. Breaking the outlines a bit with a diagonal cut panel.


Lots of hatches and stuff.


Finally, it looks about done. Ready for more primer.


Flip her over and do it all again. This time I’m using rails and semi truck panels to fill up all that black space.


Had to make the rear landing pad at the stern and two pads in the front for landing.


The back of the ship gets a cover piece of ribbed truck plastic. Also started detailing the back of the nacelle pods.


There’s an even mix of balanced details and unbalanced details to make it interesting for the eye.


Lots of pipes and vertical pieces fill in the ball.

The bottom details are coming together here. Abandoned model trees all over the messy table top.


This is the bottom hatch where people exit. I imagined that it also has a ladder that extends down to the ground. I use a bunch of different pieces to make it. Including tank parts and truck parts.