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Renoke Model Gets Lights

This weekend I spent some time creating the simple bread board and soldering all the connections and resisters required for the lights on board the Renoke model. It looks pretty sweet. I’m so enamored with them that I’ll probably include lights in most of my builds from now on. Even though they are next to pointless for the original use of these models. Any and all lights can be Photoshopped in after the cover pictures are taken. But for most of the model’s life span, it will be sitting on a shelf for people to look at. With that in mind, people love the shinny.


This is the original bread board that I used to get the resisters and LED leads tested. Once I had a working design, I made a more permanent version with solder and stuff.



Here it is inside the main access point of the model. All the lights run off a simple 9 volt battery. I still need to wire a switch in there to make turning them on and off easier.


And here’s what she looks like in the darkness of my garage.




And the engine.


Pretty fun. All that I have left to do now is finish detailing the bridge and paint the outside. Then I can get on with my favorite part, weathering.