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Devon’s Blade Draft Two

I just completed my read through for Draft Two of the Devon’s Blade novella. All issues raised by the Beta Readers have been addressed. It reads fast and the story is pretty tight. No wasted space, as usual for my first drafts. I’ll go back through it again before handing it over to my editor, but right now, I’m pretty happy with it. If you like pilot stories this one is pretty good. Nothing deep, just a great tale of pilots jousting in the skies.

Screenshot from 2015-08-07 12:01:51

It features my all purpose hero of the Starforgers Trilogy, Devon Ardel and is set during the time between Starforgers and The Rising. At just shy of 200 pages long, you can easily read it in a couple of hours. It was really fun to write and after having just read it, I’d say the same applies to reading it.

I upgraded to the latest version of Libre Office during this draft and I have to say, I love the new changes in edit mode. Especially when you turn on the non-printing characters which are now blue and easily stand out against the black font. Shinny. I also like the smaller footprint of the Navigator bar to the right. When you go back to regular mode, you no longer see the blue rectangle that defines the writing area. I really like that too. Hopefully my epub converter plugin works, I have yet to try that.

Screenshot from 2015-08-07 12:07:25


Well, back to my vacation. I’ll post again soon.