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Tennessee Vacation

For the next week I’ll be in middle Tennessee on vacation. This is usually a fairly productive time for me as I have nothing important to do except lounge around and eat good food. I plan on working as much as possible on the second draft of Devon’s Blade. But I’ll also be thinking about the next trilogy of books that I’ll start writing next year. This means time spent in Plume Creator, plotting and scheming where the next two novels and two novellas will go.

I can think of no better place to be while building the skeleton of a Space Opera series. Tranquil forest, a lazy river and a spacious house to get away from the family for long periods of time and think. All the while being treated to warm Southern hospitality and delicious food. Life is good.

When we get back to home next week, baseball will be starting again, school will be starting and the rat race of life will be on. Until then, we’re chilling, thinking and writing in the slow lane.