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Renoke Model Update

Top and Bottom of the Renoke model.

The state of the model as of mid-July is as above. Everything is detailed and painted with primer except for the engine and the bridge. I’ve ordered some LED lights for both the bridge and the engine. I’ve also ordered some Tamiya flat white paint for the base coat. The model is 1/32 scale and that will become more evident as I construct the bridge. It has large windows and you can see several seats and a hallway easily. So lots of opportunity to get creative with the detailing. It will probably also feature some fiber optic lights to make it interesting.

The engine is under construction, I’ll be trying to figure out how to light it as I build. Going to be using some high intensity LEDs and whatever else I come across that might look cool. There are going to be fins in the engine that might light up using clear plastic, if I can get it working right.

My favorite part of modeling, aside from doing the detailing, is weathering. The Renoke will have a Millennium Falcon-ish off white base color but many panels are shades of gray, red, brown and green and every inch is covered in oil, grime and rust. Can’t wait to start that process.

NOTE: The lighting in the above pictures is horrible. The top one was taken under the blue tint of daylight and the bottom one under the orange tint of incandescent lights at night. Better pictures will be forthcoming when I can find the time during the day to match them.