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Writing Update


As I’ve said before on this blog, 2015 is the year I publish four new books. I wrote these books over the past two years and this year I’m editing them and bringing them to press. It’s a slow process when you have to wait for editors and proof editors and book cover artists. With four books in various stages of post production, it seems like I’m not moving forward. But in reality, stuff is happening.

My cover artist, Byron, is working on the cover for The Rising, Book 2 of the Starforgers Trilogy and my copy editor is giving the ebook document a final once over. This book should be done in July. The Devon’s Blade cover is complete. Counterattack, Book 3 of the trilogy is awaiting copy editing and I’ve recently finished reading it through one final time. Presently, I’m preparing The Blood Empress novella for my editor. After I get it off to the editor, I’ll be doing a second pass on the Devon’s Blade novella.

We still have to finalize the covers for Starforgers, The Rising, Counterattack and The Blood Empress. So lots of work for Byron. This should go quickly, as my Gimp versions already have the basic look defined for each cover. The editing and proofing probably take the longest, but you don’t want to rush these stages. Bill Blohm is my editor and my copy editor is Kris Provant.

Usually I do the epub creation, but I may farm that out for one or both of the novellas. That’s still to be determined. After the trilogy books are complete, I’ll have a single ebook available that will contain them all. But I don’t expect to have that out this year. I’d like to let the books sell individually for a few months first.

To facilitate in formatting the ebooks, I’ve finally ordered a new Kindle. My old keyboard version is broken and does not have the new features of a modern Kindle. So I got the new 300 ppi Paperwhite WiFi version. Looking forward to reading on it later this week.

My current plan is to enroll both novellas in the Kindle Select Program to try and reach as many readers as possible. You can read each one as a stand alone story and they will contain links back to the trilogy books. If you are not a Kindle user and you would like to read these two novellas, your best bet will be to join my Newsletter. All members of the newsletter will get the novellas in epub format for free.

That’s all for now. Time to get to the ball field for another baseball game.