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KIV-3 Model Build, Part 2

This model went together pretty smoothly and here it is on the bench with it’s siblings and one wing attatched.


The engine radiators built from thin styrene and made to match the ones on the bigger scale KIV-3.


Here it is next to its successor, the KIV-5. The Dash Three had longer, thinner wings.


Wings and top fin attached and sitting on the vise.


Top fin close up. Some scoring for panel lines on the multi-layered fin.



I tried using thin strips of plastic for the panel lines on the fuselage. Various panels are added too.

Model came to work to be shown off while it was still all white. Ghost fighter.


Painting the nose flat black with spray paint.


Painted the leading edge of the wings gray with the spray paint. This was done so that I could mask them off without losing paint to the tape.


A couple coats of acrylic red/rust/brown and the painting was done. Weathering was accomplished with pastels and a brush.


Mad modeler at work!