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Planning A Saga

This year I’m focusing primarily on getting four books to market that will fill out the first trilogy of my Star Saga series of Space Opera novels. But I’m also planning out the next four novels in the series, including a anthology of stories featuring a key character in the next trilogy. The Star Saga is basically three trilogies, each with its own cast of characters and set in a separate time period. The Starforgers Trilogy is set at the start of a thousand year long war and the Starstrikers Trilogy is set during the war with the Starforgers Trilogy set after the war. Each trilogy is separated by about five hundred years. The only reoccurring characters are sentient AI’s called Silicants.

The main series novels are supplemented by novellas set in the time period between the main books. For instance in the first trilogy we have Starforgers, The Rising and Counterattack as books one, two and three. In between books one and two is a novella called Devon’s Blade. In between books two and three is another novella called The Blood Empress.