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The KIV Starfighter Variants

KIV Starfighter Variants

Alliance pilots called it the Eight-fighter and the Green Goblin. It came out of know where when the war started and the only way to take one down was to ram it. Devon Ardel, a Stellar Ranger at the time was the only one to down a KIV until after the war started. She was flying an outdated Scrambler starfighter and long after the war started, she was still the only pilot to down a KIV with a Scrambler.

The first Alliance starfighter that could take on a KIV was the Vickers Victory fighter. It could easily handle the KIV-1 and KIV-2 variants but when the KIV-3 entered the war, it was once again the dominate space fighter in the war.

KIV-1 (pre-war) Short and boxy with square shaped wings and a needle nose. Four guns on wings. Better than the Alliance Scrambler. Alliance code name – Goblin.

  • KIV-1S Two wing guns, light armor and shielding
  • KIV-1T Tandem seating for two, longer fuselage

KIV-2 Same body as a KIV-1 but with different engine and only two wing cannons. Alliance code name – Deuce.

  • KIV-2S Scout variant, bent down wings.

KIV-3 Longer, rectangular wings with pointed nose. Alliance code name – Tripoli.

  • KIV-3T Primary trainer, side by side fuselages, wings with middle wing
  • KIV-3TT Secondary trainer no middle wing, longer nose and tandem seating.

KIV-4A Attack fighter space only, four main wings and guns. Alliance code name – Dart.

  • KIV-4S Scout variant 

KIV-5 Final version. Bigger, more powerful engines and four guns, two maser cannons. Alliance code name – Krill

The tactical advantage of the KIV at this time in the war is primarily it’s ability to turn inside anything the Alliance can field. It can turn all day against the Swift, Victory and Trogen starfighters.

KIVs on Kew are painted a sea-green color over the regular dark green of the space based fighters. Their under bellies are a light gray color. The sea-green was added in splotches around the edges of the wing like this P-40.

KIVs always fly in a V formation in groups of three. Alliance pilots call it a Vic formation or skien. Alliance pilots call Victor, Victor, Victor when they spot an enemy formation. Instead of Judy.

Devon’s Blade is the first time we see the KIV-5. It’s given to the Red Ace and his flight of three. The Five, as Devon’s pilots call it is slightly bigger and has a more powerful engine along with four guns. Two, slightly more powerful guns are installed under the wing roots. The engine is now faster than the Swift and the wings are slightly smaller than the standard KIV-3.


When her pilots first witness it they call it the Fiver. Preliminary reports are sent back to Fleet for evaluation. Fleet does not respond quickly. Eventually they come back and warn against engaging with what they are now calling a KIV-5. It’s also appearing in space based warships nearby. It’s tearing up the Alliance fighter squadrons. The new fighters are painted a flat black color when encountered in space. Devon’s pilots say the new fighters are dark sea  gray with black undersides. Devon must find a way to engage the Fiver before it tears up her squadron.

The KIV-5 has a shorter wingspan and thicker wing with vertical fins on the leading edge and a total of six main guns. No cut outs in the wings either, more like the Swifts. There are two smaller engine nozzles beside the main funnel. Gives the fighter a boost when needed in tight maneuvering. Sort of like vectored thrust.

It also has enhanced avionics packages that allow for it to acquire targets further away.

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